It's Not In The Floodplains

It's Not In The Floodplains...

Resident's Drawing

"I usually spend time in the town's creek with my partner and friends. We bathe and eat the fruits of the mangua tree. We also like to appreciate the animals, especially the parrots that roam the trees."

White Sand Rainforest

"It [Nuevo Belén] is not the same as [Bajo Belén] in the floodplain ... here it is a new city like it is a landscape on the road inside and we are in search of a new city. So here nature is trees and they offer us water and there is not much, there is not much community, there are few houses, not many people live here and sometimes there are no other things ... like something for emergencies like an ambulance, like things for fires, there is no way to get water and it is very far from the city. There is no community, no support here."

~Resident of Nuevo Belén

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