The Abundant Biodiversity
Aquatic Ecosystem
Bird in Tree
Low River

Even in a densely packed urban area, people find ways to bring unique jungle life back to their homes.  Plants in household gardens have deep cultural, medicinal or personal meaning to many of these communities.

Senna alata Bertholletia excelsa Heliconia rastrata Palm leaves Putu putu

Left to right:  1) Senna alata, medicinal uses, 2) Bertholletia excelsa (Brazil nuts) are a good source of healthy fats and proteins, 3) Heliconia rastrata (False Bird of Paradise) is a symbol of Iquitos and butterfly attractant, 4) Palm leaves are woven to create culturally iconic ventilated roofs, 5) Pontederia crassipes (Water hyacinth) habitat islands support aquatic wildlife and fishing.

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