The Communities

Flooded Wetlands

There were no statistically significant differences in mental wellbeing between Claverito, Bajo Belén and Nuevo Belén.

Drawings represent themes of reduced stress, anxiety, and perceptions of improved quality of life and gratitude especially related to natural surroundings. Such responses are found in other studies of nature and community health.

Resident's Drawing "In my free time I like to go for a walk, go to the square, be in contact with nature, feel the fresh air and feel the water of the Santa Clara River.  I like to enjoy this freshness, swim and bathe in the river. "

~ Resident of Claverito

Resident's Drawing "Cleaning my yard is the only activity I can do because I just had a cesarean section, since I just had my baby. I clean my tard every other day. This makes me feel calm. "

~ Resident of Belén

Resident's Drawing

"In my spare time I like to for a walk to a relative's house in the lower Belén area. My family has a yard with trees and plants. I like to sit with my family and talk under the tree, breathe fresh air. I go for walks because in my house in New Belén I am alone, I have no one to talk to. "

~ Resident of New Belén

Mother by river

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