The Communities
Neyva Neyva in Nuevo Belén shown with her market goods in the high river (left) and low river (right) seasons. She must take public transit for two hours a day to Iquitos to buy from the markets to bring things back to Nuevo Belen. Neyva
Maria and her family Maria and her family in their chacra of rice and corn in low water in Claverito, and in the same spot in high river. They cannot grow food during this time but have the community camu camu forest (shown in the background) Maria and her family

Resident's Drawing

"The activity I do outdoors is to go to my farm, where I plant plantains, my banana plantation. When I go to my farm, I take the opportunity to go to the river near my farm to catch fish. On a piece of land near my farm I also farm fish, where I raise fish such as boquichico, lisa and sábalo. I bring these fish for my personal consumption here at home and to sell to my neighbors. I also raise animals such as ducks and chickens on my land, and I like to clean my yard."

~Resident of Claverito

Resident's Drawing

"In my spare time I like to do activities such as fishing and boating to the farm. I fish in the Amazon River, a little far away where the fish are cleaner, not contaminated."

~Resident of Bajo Belén

Resident's Drawing

"From time to time I go to my farm, by the Tahuayo River, where I plant bananas, yucca, grapefruit, avocado and aguaje. That makes me feel happy to go to my farm, eager to work and see my crops. Now that I live here, I can't go often and I can't plant much."

~Resident of Nuevo Belén

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