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Soccer ball

Resident's Drawing

"The place I usually spend my time is at the playground, where the community usually goes in the afternoons to play volleyball. I usually take my pets for a walk and run around a bit. There are days when I play volleyball, but mostly I go to watch my neighbors play soccer. I like to go for a walk watching the ltaya River and take a bath, especially when it's the flood season. Another place where I like to spend my time is at home, where I have my bodeguita and sell basic necessities... "

~ Resident of Claverito


Community Cohesion

Social connections and feelings of community solidarity are essential for positive public health. While all three communities reported an equal sense of belonging, people in Nuevo Belén expressed significantly lower feelings of trust and being able to call on other residents for help, compared to Belén.

*at a level of 0.05 significance




Stronger connections between neighbors expands the resources that one can access to improve mental and physical health for oneself and one's household. Making investments in communities to promote more social connections enables resources for community members to come together to improve challenges and cultivate shared well-being.





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